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Good Food Takes Time

Healthy, Hearty, Down-to-Earth


That’s how we roll.

We’ve got food to suit every palette and lifesyle with great service to boot.

Are you craving some feel-good food? Grab a ridiculously good coffee or try our unapologetic, soul-hugging entrees that will keep you fueled and satisfied throughout your busy day. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to fast food, we’ve got you – pick up our smoothies, healthy snacks, soups and salads.

Dine in with us OR

Take it Out

OPEN MON – FRI 10am-6pm

SAT 10am-3pm Closed Sundays

Feeding a hungry group? Check out our

Platters & Catering

Minimum of 8 people.

Drinks $1 per person. Additional salad $1.25 per person.

Get To Know

What We Believe In

Healthy Eating

Eat Good, Feel Good

It’s as simple as that.

We believe you get out what you put in.  At d’Lish we make it easy for individuals, friends and families to enjoy a good meal together at our diner or at home. Everything we make is house-made daily from fresh ingredients so that you can feel good about what you’re putting in.

Environmental Sustainable Restaurant

We’re Pursuing Sustainability

We use sustainably-sourced ingredients served up in environmentally-conscious packaging wherever we can.  We strive for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.  Even our straws are biodegradable!

Community Conscious Restaurant

Every Little Bit Helps the Community

We love our home in Tillsonburg and proudly serve local organizations and causes we feel good about.
We support the Feminino café  which provides grants to programs that enhance the lives of women in coffee producing communities around the world.



d’Lish was a dream that was brewing for a long time before it came to life.
Born and raised in Tillsonburg, I wanted to help people live their healthiest life so I moved to Toronto and became a registered nurse.
Eventually I returned to my hometown, life happened, and I became a busy working mom of four tiny humans. Always striving to provide my family with healthy food, I struggled to find the time. Sound familiar?

I traded in my nursing scrubs for an apron, and decided to put my own spin on some of the great food options I loved, and was inspired by in the big city.
Now my approach to healthcare starts with the food we use to fuel our bodies!
I launched d’Lish in 2015, and am proud to serve delicious and nutritious food to the people of my home town.

Peace, Love & Coffee - Jennifer

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